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MDC is now offering Del-Seal™ CF Flanges in 316LN stainless steel to our customers in the USA! 316LN flanges were formerly only available in Europe through MDC’s European division, MDC Vacuum Limited. MDC Vacuum Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying flanges in stainless steel grade 316LN for a number of years, and has extensive experience in working with this material. We are delighted to now be able to provide MDC Europe’s 316LN flanges by stocking them at our US headquarters in Hayward, California.

Stainless steel grade 316LN is an austenitic type of steel that is a low carbon, nitrogen-enhanced version of grade 316 steel. 316LN grade stainless steel is produced through an electroslag remelting process (ESR), which virtually eliminates all harmful brittle oxide stringers (B-types in ASTM E45 cleanness assessment), and any remaining oxides are small round D-types. MDC’s 316LN Del-Seal™ CF Flanges are perfect for applications where very low magnetic permeability is required. The austenitic grade 316LN, which MDC uses, has almost no ferrite and very low magnetic permeability, making it suitable for the most demanding UHV applications.

MDC’s 316LN Del-Seal™ CF Flanges are currently in stock, and available to order online.