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High & Ultra-High Vacuum Components

Vacuum environments are a key ingredient in the analysis, development and fabrication of some of the world's most basic as well as the most sophisticated products. From complex experiments in particle physics to delicate x-ray tomography of the human body to mass production of decorative coatings on automobile grills and exacting anti-reflective coatings on precision optical elements, vacuum environments are essential. These and hundreds of other processes and products would be impossible to reproduce in an atmospheric environment. Today, near perfect vacuum environments can be attained in laboratory and production vacuum systems by careful selection of vacuum components used in their design, construction and operation. A system's ultimate vacuum potential will always be limited by its weakest components.
Flanges & Fittings
Del-Seal CF Flanges
Del-Seal CF Fittings
Wire Seal Flanges
Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF
Large-Flange™ ISO LF
ISO KF & LF Fittings
ANSI ASA Flanges
Weldable Components
Hybrid Adapters

Gate Valves
Angle & Inline Valves
All-Metal Valves
Fine Leak
Precision Leak
Butterfly Valves
Bell Jar Systems
Surface Science
Standard Chambers
Spherical Chamber
D-Shape Chamber
Cylindrical Chamber
Box  Chamber
Chamber Support Frames

Roughing Components
Foreline Traps
Vacuum Hoses & Accessories
Vacuum Measurement
Pressure Relief
UHV Burst Disks
Pop-Off Pressure Relief

Motion & Manipulation

Temperature Control
Heavy Insulated Heating Tape
Silicon Rubber Heating Tape
Heating Cords   
Temperature Controllers 
Thin Film Deposition
Thermal Evaporation
Re-Vap 900
Re-Vap 3000
Miniature e-Vap Systems
e-Vap® 100
e-Vap® 3000
e-Vap® Mighty Source™
Modular Evaporation Sources
Individual Source
Horizontal Source Assembly
Vertical Source Assembly
Power Supplies
e-Vap® Power Supplies
Control & Measurement
Source Control
XY Programmable Sweep Controller
Module Crucible Indexer
Custom Components
Vacuum Components Made to Order
Modifications to Standard Parts
Chamber Geometry

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